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...This is a list of our Upcoming Gigs...


Andy Quick Band live at The Pally

March 22, 2019 Unlimited tickets
Land of the giants front man bring his band to...

The Urban Voodoo Machine

March 23, 2019 Unlimited tickets
The Palladium is please to welcome The Urban Voodoo Machine...

An evening with Tamsin Ball

March 24, 2019£3.00 Unlimited tickets
The Pally is please to welcome back the highly talented...

Black Water County + Bicycle Repair Man & Wilderland

March 29, 2019 Unlimited tickets
Black Water County are back at The Pally after their...

ON78 – Hip-Hop Funk & Soul

March 30, 2019 Unlimited tickets
DJs EZPZ and Phil bring you the finest hip hop...

Alive at The Palladium Davey Dodds

March 31, 2019 Unlimited tickets
On Sunday the 31st of March, I will be playing...

Gravitonne album launch w/ special guests at the Palladium Club

April 5, 2019£4.00 Unlimited tickets
Gravitonne album launch!! With special guests from Exeter, Ashen! Doors...

Folk The System Live at The Pally

April 6, 2019£8.00 Unlimited tickets
After wowing 1000s of people as some of the UKs...

Subhumans at The Pally

April 11, 2019£12.00 Unlimited tickets
Punk legends Subhumans are back in Bideford and on The...

The Leylines – Recover Reveal Tour

April 12, 2019 Unlimited tickets
You are invited to join The Leylines as they proudly...

Echo Town

April 13, 2019£8.00 Unlimited tickets
Echo Town bring their amazing Tribal Rootsy Rock to the...

Chiggypig – Good Friday Party at The Pally

April 19, 2019£4.00 Unlimited tickets
Good Friday party at The Pally with Chiggypig! £4.00 on...

Grizzly and the Grasshoppers

April 20, 2019 Unlimited tickets
Foot stomping Roots & Blues, original music with some traditional...

Tribo Groove

April 26, 2019 Unlimited tickets
Tribo Groove started in 2017 as a four piece band...

Silent Disco

April 27, 2019£5.00 Unlimited tickets
Silent Disco is back by popular demand, After the 2...

Harry Munk, Landspeeder & Malachite & The Pally

May 3, 2019 Unlimited tickets
The alternative band Harry Munk will deliver an energetic set...


May 4, 2019£8.00 Unlimited tickets
The Palladium is please to welcome the highly talented Samantics...

Black Anchors

May 10, 2019£7.00 Unlimited tickets
BLACK ANCHORS +Support Friday 10th May - Palladium Club, Bideford...

The Lagan Live at The Pally!

May 11, 2019£10.00 Unlimited tickets
Irish Folk / Punk / Rock / Ska YouTube Video:...

The Cabarats Live at The Palladium Club

May 18, 2019£8.00 Unlimited tickets
The Cabarats bring a new musical experience to the global...

Fighters Foo Back At The Palladium

May 24, 2019£10.00 Unlimited tickets
Fighters Foo are back at The Pally after their amazing...

Ethyrfield w. support

May 25, 2019£7.00 Unlimited tickets
Metal 2 the Masses 2018 winners Ethyrfield are gearing up...

Nigel Barker: Band In A Box

May 26, 2019 Unlimited tickets
The 'Band In A Box' Spring Tour continues at The...

Sam Green Palladum Club (Full Band Show)

June 7, 2019 Unlimited tickets
Really excited to be playing a show at The Palladium...